Our Cu Cream is made with a light shae butter base blended with cucumber and blackseed oil. It’s texture is very smooth and creamy, leaving the skin feeling silky and clean. Although it was made as a facial cream it can be applied to any part of the body without issue.

Product shipped in Amber Glass 4oz jar


Blackseed oil

Aloe Vera


Arrowroot Powder



  1. Kimberly Morris

    I love the Cu Cream. You can tell this product is 100% natural and my face feels invigorated and moisturized.

  2. Evonne Q

    I like Cu Cream because it moisturizes for the whole day. Other creams I have used lasted for only a couple of hours at best, then I had to moisturize again.
    Cu Cream is excellent for the whole body, face to feet!
    Love this!

  3. Evonne Quiller

    Love this Cu Cream!
    Moisturizes from face to feet and lasts all day…feels fresh and clean.

  4. Victoria Jackson

    This is some of the best cream I’ve used by far. I put it on and I’m moisturized all day. I even put it on my whole body and stayed hydrated through out the day. If you need something real and good for your skin, then this is the cream for you. You won’t be disappointed!


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