RaeLife shae butter

Our RaeL Butter is a banana peel base blended with shae butter and beeswax. The texture is thick yet still smooth and creamy when applied. This blend can be used to moisturize skin as well as gradually heal calloused hands and feet. You may feel a slight warming sensation when using, which can loosen joints so your body can feel free as the “birds” on the label.



  1. Linda

    The bird’s blend butter really moisturized my skin. It was particularly effective on my feet and heels. They felt so much smoother. It even help the callous on the bottom of my foot. I use it every day! It’s really good . I love the natural ingredients.x

  2. Kimberly Morris

    I’ve been using Rae L for a few months now and Im impressed with the way my skin feels. I’m a fan of the banana peel base. Its different from any other products I’ve tried.

  3. Victoria Jackson

    Now this right here guys is an amazing body butter. The banana in it has some great healing properties for your skin. It’s not a overwhelming smell just the right amount to know. This kept my body nice a smooth and moisturized even overnight. Just go ahead and grab one and I promise you’ll purchase again.

  4. Sharon Mosby

    Since I began using RaeL Butter, I have noticed a big change in my skin. I suffer with dry skin in the winter months, but since I started using RaeL Butter, my skin has more moisture and a natural glow. I love it!

  5. Marvin U.

    I’m beyond satisfied with how my skin quality has been enhanced using this banana peel cream. I definitely recommend this for overall skin health.


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